ABOUT US | Our History

RW_PhilRolland William Conklin Jr. started R.W. Conklin Steel in 1983, after retiring from a 30-year career at U.S. Steel. He wanted to continue his career in the steel business, but he wanted to do it his way. As a U.S. medic aboard the U.S.S. Quincy in WWII, R.W. developed love for his country, and he wanted his business to represent the same respect he had for American made products. Today, R.W. Conklin still operates under the same principle — we sell only 100% Melted and Manufactured Domestic Steel.

Customer service was R.W.’s main priority. He knew it wasn’t about creating a shorter supply chain, but a smarter supply chain, one that would connect him directly to the customer. He was able to build a loyal customer and vendor base by paying attention to customer needs and by providing a quality domestic steel. From the beginning, R.W., known as “Pete” concentrated on old-fashioned values.

His son, Phil began working for the business by delivering pile points and splicers to customers, and started working officially for his father on a formal basis on Jan. 1, 1995.

Just a short time later (one year, three months and seven days), R.W. passed away unexpectedly. It was Phil’s birthday, and also the day he took over the family business. With a background in accounting, finance, and marketing, Phil knew the in's and out's of business, and quickly learned how to sell steel.

The company, which celebrated it’s 25th anniversary in 2008,,has continued to expand and achieve success throughout the years. Once ran as a one man-operation in a spare bedroom is now a large corporation with locations throughout the United States and Canada.

What hasn't changed throughout the years, is R.W. Conklin's devotion to its customers and its ability to provide them with a wide variety of U.S-made steel products. All products meet the requirements of the Buy American Clause, which mandates steel is melted and manufactured in the U.S., when a project is either partially or fully funded by public funds.

The company provides materials for a variety of bridge and earth retention projects including building foundations, both open-cell and closed-cell waterway projects and soundbarriers.


Both private and DOT projects have been completed with R.W. Conklin's steel throughout the US and Canada. Some of these projects include: both Columbus and Minneapolis' Children's Hospital, the Thomas Jefferson Hall at the United States Military Academy in West Point, N.Y, Eastern Kentucky Power Plant in Maysville, Kentucky and Dayton Power and Light in Dayton, Ohio.


Our Mission

It is our goal to grow and prosper by developing and marketing 100% domestically melted and manufactured steel products. We strive for excellence equally in our products, customer service, and business relationships. We keep ever mindful of new products and technologies, opportunities, and applications. By meeting challenges with a combination of strength of integrity, intellectual creativity, and an innovative pioneering spirit, we plan to achieve a dominant position in our core business activity. We view our market with a domestic and international perspective. Our vision gives us insight and our experience affords us comfort as we compete on a global basis.


Our Philosophy

Our customers, vendors and business associates are important reflections of our professional character and dedicated approach to problem solving. We cannot be satisfied with ourselves, if they are not pleased with us. It is our duty to demonstrate complete support for our products and services. It's our desire to always bring honest, practical and cost effective solutions to fulfill the needs of our customers. We strive to price our products and our service contribution to our customers fairly and responsibly. We have a right to expect reciprocation in our business dealings, commitments and loyalty from our customers and suppliers. When we achieve results, which yield mutual benefit, we are realizing the best emphasis of successful business management.


Our Customers

Our primary focus is providing domestic structural steel to contractors, fabricators, service centers, resellers, end-users, OEM's, the U.S. Military, and structural engineers and architects. Our customers include those with transportation infrastructure and framework, including heavy highway, mass transit, and industrial railroads as well as specialty foundation and pile driving, earth retention, excavation public works, heavy industrial and commercial applications, including waste water treatment plants, power generating facilities, marine work, design/build projects and manufacturing. From small orders to full-scale project procurement, JIT programs, and long-term specialty contracts, R.W. Conklin Steel has the ability and capacity to meet each customers specialized needs.