Steel angles are most common as a 90 degree angle. Due to their ultimate versatility and availability in a number of different sizes, angles are used often in the industrial construction field as a means of providing cross-support or horizontal support across steel beam work formed to support each floor in a tall building. They can be used in larger instances as vertical supports as well, though in most situations they are simply welded or fastened onto the outside of the tubular vertical supports for the building to create square corners for the application of the exterior wall materials.

Structural and bar angle shapes are steel members that are shaped with a 90° angle. R.W. Conklin Steel stocks both structural and bar angles in the following grades:

- ASTM A-36
- ASTM A-572
- ASTM A-588

Stock lengths for all angle shapes come in 20' increments with exception to some ASTM A-36 angles where some sizes are also available in 40' lengths.