H-Piles are often driven into the ground and used for deep foundations to support structures in commerical construction, such as buildings and bridges. Due to their strength, they can be utilized for driving in soil conditions that other piling would have difficulty penetrating. Their durability also make these steel columns perfect for applications in areas to are prone to earthquakes or other natural disasters.

H-piles are also commonly used for "soldier pile and lagging" construction, in which steel piles and timber lagging is used to create earth retention.


H-Pile is used in a variety of construction projects including: heavy highway, public works, marine, industrial, and much, much more. We stock a wide variety of domestically produced H-Pile available in single lengths or multiple truckloads. H-Pile is available in 8, 10, 12, 14 inch sections in lengths up to 100 feet. We also are now providing the new H-Pile sizes: 16 and 18 inch sections.

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New H-pile sizes permit higher design loads




H-Pile Splicers

H-Pile Splicers are used to help with alignment of H-Piles. Splicers also significantly provide an additional weld area when splicing.




H-Pile Points

H-Piling Points are made of low-alloy cast steel, allowing the piling points to absorb more impact than similar H-Piling Points. They also have pre-beveled tip, eliminating any kind of pile end preparation. Welding is easy with a weld-prep built into the casting, saving you time and money. There is 5/16" groove weld across each flange making it unnecessary to weld the web or any inside flanges.


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